Concrete industrial trench drain (drain cover).

Jonite serves trench drain covers both business and property nds channel drain tasks and if you are searching for industrial drain covers, industrial floor drain covers (drain grates) made of concrete (we prefer to think reinforced stone), Jonite has everything you require.

The success of any industrial jobs actually depends on the countless great information that define your landscape. Over here at Jonite, we provide the world's very first and just stone reinforced trench drain, drain cover, floor drain covers, floor drain grates that can be customised to any of your needs. If you can picture it, we can create and develop it.

Concrete vs Jonite's Reinforced Stone.

Concrete is a building product made from a mixture of busted stone or gravel, water, cement, and sand, which can be spread out or put into moulds and forms a stone-like mass on hardening. It is typically grey and dull in colour and while extensively used in building, concrete is not a perfect drain grating cover product for making grates (drain covers).

In 1994, Jonite pioneered the world's first reinforced ornamental stone grating. Incorporating the appeal of stone without jeopardizing load bearing strength, the marital relationship of aesthetics and efficiency remained unchallenged in the market. Influenced by the rustic appeal of natural stone, Jonite was developed through years of extensive research study and advancement, led by a group of enthusiastic and devoted workers.

If you are trying to find concrete drain covers (drain grates), we advise you think about Jonite's special trench drain grate stone reinforced industrial drain covers (floor drain covers/ floor drain grates) rather.

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